J2 + S9 Gag Reel

Aisha Tyler Speaks Out About Fan Wank After Supernatural Nerd HQ Panel


"Some people on the internet have been saying some pretty ridiculous things about the Supernatural panel I moderated at Nerd HQ at SDCC this past weekend (which by and large was a massive hit and a highlight of my con, personally). As is widely known, I am a huge…


when u find someone else into the same really disgusting things as you



Short video of the first episode of Supernatural Season 10!!

just got back from camping with my friends, and have the whoooole sunday to myself

i don’t even know what to do i’m just gonna float in the pool and watch comic con panels it’s gonna be amazing



The Original Broadway Cast of Disney’s The Lion King

Mufasa :: Sarabi :: Young Nala and Simba :: Simba :: Nala:: Rafiki :: Pumba and Timon :: Zazu :: Scar :: The Hyenas (Ed, Shenzi, and Banzai)

This was one of the most amazingly costumed Broadway shows I’ve ever seen.

Person: Have you seen that episode where...
Me: I have seen every episode, go on


Sorry, I realized that I didn’t have all of my selfies saved on my computer so here are a few more!

you are perfect and i love you and i miss you so! please come to albany asap so i can love youu<3


Where he belongs